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Dubi Kadmon| Artist Profile


Art Education

1975-1977, Avni Institute, Tel- Aviv

2007-2008, The visual Art Institute, Petach-Tikva

2008-2009, Hamidrasha, School of Art, Bet-Berl


Solo Exhibitions

2017 –" Testimony from Abyss" Zadik Art Gallery. Tel-Aviv

2011-"The Raven Cry", Zaritsky Artists House, Tel-Aviv

2008-"And The Bowel Has Not Been Set Down", Museum Of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan

1982- Mabat Gallery, Tel-Aviv



Group Exhibitions

2018 – "The Silver Tray", - Beit Yad Lebanim, Ramat Hashron

2018- "Art to get" – Artspace, Tel-Aviv

2018 – "Back  Shortly" – Zadik Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2017 – "Bread & Roses" – Artists Workshop, Tel-Aviv

2017 – ”Standard Stamp – Law in Art", Supreme Court. Jerusalem

2017 – " Artist Wall x 9", Art Space Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2016 – "Internal Burning" . Yahalom Theater. Ramat _ Gan

2015 – " Between dream to Imagination" City Gallery. Herzelia

2015 – ' Israel Forest". Yavne Gallery. Yavne

2015 – "From Black to White" Rappaport Hall. Haifa

2015 – "Positive-Negative". Givataeim Theater. Givataeim

2014 – "Israel World Wide Exhibition". Praterinsel. Munchen. Germany

2014- "The Holocaust Memory for Ever". Eshckol Paais. Tel - Aviv

2014 – "Harbor – Sailing to Another Conscionusness". Amiad Center. Tel-Aviv

2013 – "Music and Art" Rimon School, Ramat Hasharon

2013 – "Takdim Garage Art", Ramat Hasharon

2013-"Family Album Pictures", Gan- Shmuel Gallery

2013-"The Act is Proceeded By the Thought", Roni Miron Art space, Ramat-Hasharon

2013-"Black/White" Gallerina,  Virtual Gallery

2012-"Sumer Exhibition" Gebo Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2010-"Not On The Bread By Onself"  Amiad Center, Tel-aviv

1982-Israeli's Gallery, Tel-Aviv

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